HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Celebrating 7 Years!!



Wine is like art

Well it certainly is to Rob Graham, a recent convert to Cellar One, whose stunning and innovative wine cellar displays wine as art. And we thought it would make a great story for our next Cellar Sanctuary Series, where we explore the cellars of our fellow members.

The Cellar
After many years of refrigerated "outside storage", Rob and his wife planned a cellar in their own home. The cellar was completed in July 2019, as part of a broader renovation of their house. With the help of a great designer (Trish Toth), a fabulous builder, and some super professional wine cellar experts, they came up with the idea of featuring their wine in their kitchen as art instead of being hidden away in storage. Now he enjoys them every day! The cabinetry is oak, and the glass doors are double glazed e-glass. Some simple LED lights for some bling, and locks to keep the kids out!

Temperature & capacity
Rob backed the cellar onto an internal brick wall. He used 50mm of vapour barrier insulation foam in the floor, walls and ceiling. Refrigeration is set at 14 degrees, using a Fondis 15 Wine Arm...super quiet and seems to be working really well. Capacity is about 590 bottles, with plenty of gaps to be filled with Cellar One wines. (Rob said that, not us!)

When did you first get into wine
Rob and his wife, Kara, took a trip to Coonawarra around 1995. They had a ball, tasting their way up and down the famed terra rossa strip, buying one bottle at a time! They visited 13 different wineries and bought 13 different bottles. It was their first introduction to Petaluma, and their wines remain a favourite of theirs.

Most prized possession
They’ve got lots of different bottles that were given by special people, or on special occasions. Rob always makes a note of this in the database, and makes sure that they drink them on the right occasion, or with the right people. Beyond that, they’re super excited about owning some top Houghton Cabernets like CW Ferguson and Gladstones. They also have a 2012 Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz which they will wait patiently to drink.

What Cellar One wines he drinks
There are many! Lately, they’ve been cellaring some St Hallett Shiraz, Grant Burge Filsell and Grant Burge Holy Trinity, Petaluma Riesling, Hardy’s HRB Riesling, Hardy’s HRB Cabernet Sauvignon, Brookland Valley Cabernet and the Houghton Wisdom, Houghton Gladstones and Houghton CW Ferguson Margaret River Cabernets. For everyday drinking, they’ve recently enjoyed the Stonier Jimjoca Pinot Noir, and the Cupio Dry Sparkling Rose. The Eddystone Point Riesling from Tasmania is great value, as is the Knappstein Riesling.

Advice for the budding cellarist
"Try lots of different wines from different regions. You’ll soon work out what you like… then focus on that. And visit the regions….. you learn so much from talking to the winemakers. And you’ll also create lots of great memories."

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