HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Celebrating 7 Years!!



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To kick off the year in 2021 we were excited to show you fellow Cellar One member, Steve Miller’s hand dug cellar in Randwick, NSW.  We thought it would make a great story for our next Cellar Sanctuary Series, where we explore the cellars of our fellow members.

The Cellar
Steve has had a cellar since the age of 20. He was working with no expenses and had a friend who worked in a bottle shop who talked him into buying some wine so he would get his bonus. He has never looked back since buying those wines! But this particular cellar was built as part of a renovation that was completed in 2019. His builder thought he was crazy but he managed to achieve the impossible and hand-dug the cellar in the backyard underneath the new extension to his apartment in Randwick.

Temperature & capacity
His cellar is mostly underground so it stays at a reasonable temperature. The glass floor from the living room looking into the cellar has a protective film on it against light and is very thick for insulation. He also has a dehumidifier which he thinks is essential in any underground room.

When did you first get into wine
At a client dinner someone opened a 15 year-old Grant Burge Meshach. I immediately knew I was in the wrong career and a further 17 years later I actually began to work in the industry. My partner and I then agreed to literally spend my entire wage on buying wines. Up until a year before then I didn’t drink white or sparkling wine at all!

What Cellar One wines he drinks
Steve and his partner always start with a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling then the next drink will depend on what they are eating. Other varieties they religiously drink are Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet. They especially love these Cellar One wines:

House of Arras Blanc de Blancs & Late Disgorged, Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz, Petaluma Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay, Hanlin Hill Riesling & Petaluma Coonawarra and St Hallett wines generally!

How often do you visit your cellar
Every day! With Covid, they had lounge chairs and a movie screen built in. Their dogs love it too, cuddling up under blankets with them and a good movie. They also use it every time they have friends over to eat the cheese course down there. Nice :)

 Advice for the budding cellarist
"If someone offers you a drink, try it and you can dump it if it is awful. Things still surprise me! Also my biggest motto is " drink everything". I have cognac, single malt whiskey, armagnac and sake. Do not think that the one sake you have tried is what they all taste like! Your palate will develop over time and I am still discovering amazing beverages around the world."

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