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Jill and Mike's Dream Cellar

Cellar Sanctuary Series continues to share with you the stories behind the home cellar's of our fellow Cellar One members.  In June of 2021 we did something a little different and featured our very own Cellar One writer who knows and loves a good deal (that’s Jill, the one who sends you all those Cellar One emails!).  Jill loves a great wine and also appreciates value, so hopefully this will give you some ideas of what to stock your own cellar with.

Mike and Jill bought their new home in QLD last year and one of the features they loved about it was the fact it had a perfect space for a wine cellar.  They moved in and decided to make the cellar their project.  It’s not yet complete, but she would love to share with you the before, during and 'what's to come' pics, so budding cellarists out there can join their journey in bringing their cellar to life.

The Cellar
The previous owner of their house on the Gold Coast dug out an enormous space under the house to create new room and to reinforce the garage floor above.  162 tonnes of dirt were removed and the room was cemented.  It was only used for storage, but little did he know it would become their dream cellar!  With a long, wide corridor when you enter, in which Mike is building a bar, they’ve designed an old-school library ladder on wheels to run along the length of the corridor and bar, opening up to a 3m x 3m tasting room for those occasions when they’re opening a really special bottle.  The wine racks are positioned on top of the cement slab and will be accessed by the ladder.  Caesar Cellars, run by an amazingly talented couple, have given them inspiration for the look and feel of the room.  However, they are embracing the challenge of building it themselves.  So, stay tuned for the end result pics!

Temperature & capacity
They don't use temperature control, as the room is self-ventilated and naturally stays between 13 and 17 degrees – the ideal range to cellar wines.  It is a cavernous space that can hold up to 5,000 bottles of wine. They currently have approx. 500 bottles, so we have a long way to go...

What other Cellar One wines Jill and Mike drink
They love bubbles, and always have at least a case of Croser Vintage and House of Arras Grand Vintage on hand for those special occasions. Yarra Burn Vintage is also a constant in their cellar.  As die-hard Chardonnay fans, they often buy a couple of cases of Hardys HRB Chardonnay, which can’t be beaten for quality or value.  Petaluma Yellow Label Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay is also exquisite.  Jill recently tasted the 2019 Grant Burge Summers Chardonnay and it quickly became a favourite.  They love a Barossa Shiraz and always have some high-end St Hallett and Grant Burge on hand to pull out for dinner parties.

Advice for the budding cellarist
"If you already have a space that is well ventilated and has a steady temperature between 7 and 19 degrees, it is worth having a professional test it for use as a cellar.  Temperature controls are expensive and it will save you a fortune down the track.  Also invest in a lock! Mike had a code lock put on the door to keep our wines safe and our friends out :)”

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