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Suttie's Surprise

Our Cellar Sanctuary Series takes you into the unknown land of a fellow member’s cellar to help inspire both you and us on our wine journeys. And to kick off the new decade 2020, we gave you a sneak peak into the cellar of Andrew Suttie.

The Cellar
The cellar is a cold room on a slab in the forest beside Andrew's carport, ingeniously disguised as a log cabin. Completed in February 2015, there is space for around 2,000 bottles and is organised vertically by variety with the best at the top.

Andrew procured the racks from Thierry Galichet (the owner of restaurant “la cache a vin” in Brisbane which he highly recommends), the table is made from old pallets and the lamp was from a bottle of Great Western Champagne from his parents engagement party in the sixties.

Cellaring conditions
His electrician installed a controller on a standard in-wall A/C unit that brings the temperature down to acceptable cellar levels… and his new electricity provider is saving him a fortune!

Most prized possession
A couple of bottles of Grange which he bought for his daughter’s birth year.

The oldest wine in the cellar
Not including fortifieds, the oldest is a 1998 Cab Sav from Langhorne Creek. It’s lucky to have lasted that long!

What they drink
Andrew and his wife both enjoy bubbles, but while she sticks to that, he happily moves between Chardonnays, Pinots (which his old man, conveniently, won’t touch), Shiraz and Bourdeux blends (with a preference locally for WA). He believes the Hardys HRB Chardonnay is an absolute cracker… particularly for the price. When he shares it with friends they invariably tell him he's just showing off… then they drop their Riedels when he tells them what he paid for it (he should keep his mouth shut so Hardy’s don’t run out!).

Advice for the budding cellarist
"You don’t need to spend a fortune on a decent cellar. You just need to ensure it’s dark, the temperature is constant and there’s not too much humidity."

His favourite Cellar One wines
Andrew attended a recent Cellar One tasting in Brisbane. His cellar is home to many Cellar One wines but that was his first opportunity to taste a whole bunch of them side-by-side. Some of his favourites are Bay of Fires Cuvee Rosé NV, Hardy’s HRB Chardonnay 2016, Stonier Jimjoca Vineyard Pinot Noir and Grant Burge Nebu 2016.


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