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How do I place an order?

Found some wines that you like? Here are the next steps to complete your purchase:


1. Log into your Cellar One Australia account https://cellar-one-au.myshopify.com/account/login

2. Select your product

Click 'Add to Cart' to continue shopping, or 'Shopping Cart' to proceed to checkout

Review your shopping cart and click 'Proceed to checkout'

3. Complete check out

Enter your shipping and billing details

If you have a promo code to enter, carefully type the code into the box and click ‘Apply’

If you have Cellar Points available use the slider on the checkout to choose how many of your points you would like to redeem against that order

Enter your payment details: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or PayPal

Once you have selected your payment method, click “Pay Now” and tick the box indicating you accept the terms and conditions of the sale

Once your order has been completed, an order confirmation email with your order summary will be sent to the email address used at the time of purchase.

Special Note: If your order is time sensitive, we suggest ordering early to allow extra transit time for your wine to arrive well in advance of your special event.

Did my order go through?

If you are unsure if your order was successful:

Check your financial institution statement to see if the funds have been deducted

Check your email inbox to see if you have received your order confirmation email from us

Check the My Orders page in your 'Dashboard' to view your purchase history


If your payment was declined during checkout:

Check if your credit card has sufficient funds

Check if your credit card number was entered correctly

Contact your financial institution to check any blocks or holds placed on the card

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us HERE so that our friendly customer support team can provide assistance.

How do I redeem my Cellar Points?

Cellar Points can be redeemed in 2 ways to be used against your wine purchases:

1. In the Payment section at the checkout simply move the Points Slider to select the amount you’d like to redeem on that order. If you redeem more than the amount of the order you will receive a Gift Card to the value of the difference which you can use at a later date.

2. In the green C1 Rewards Pop Up that appears on every screen of Cellar One – click “Redeem Points” and move the Points Slider to convert your Cellar Points into a Gift Card which you can use at the Checkout by entering the Gift Card code.

How do I redeem my Birthday Voucher?

You can redeem your Birthday Voucher on any wine on Cellar One Australia.

To redeem your birthday voucher during checkout:

1. Ensure you are logged in with the email address the birthday voucher is attached to

2. Copy and paste the promo code received from us in our email sent to you or carefully type the promo code into the box and click ‘Apply’ to apply the promo code to your purchase

Why won’t my promo code work?

If you are having issues with your promo code, we recommend trying the following:

Check if the code has been entered correctly (case sensitive)

Check the coupon code expiration date (details can be found in our email sent to you that the promo code is attached to)

Check the coupon requirements, i.e. minimum spend (details in our email sent to you that the promo code is attached to)

Promo codes can only be used once and cannot be used in conjunction with any other codes unless otherwise specified

Please note: You must enter the code during check out. There is a 'Promo Code' box in the Payment Details section where you can enter the code before payment is confirmed.

If you have any questions about promo codes, please contact us HERE.

What payment methods to you accept?

Cellar One Australia accepts payment via:



Can I pay over the phone?

Unfortunately Cellar One Australia does not facilitate orders over the phone.

Is my credit card secure?

Yes. We use a leading encryption service to process your payment, meaning your credit card information is hidden from us.

Purchasing with your Accolade Wines staff wine allowance

For Accolade Wines employees who have a staff wine allowance, you may use this as a payment method if you have sufficient funds available.

At the ‘Payment Details’ page select payment method ‘Staff Allowance’ option.

Click ‘Place order’ and tick the ‘By pressing Place Order you agree to our Terms & Conditions’ box.

An order confirmation email with your order summary will be sent to the email address used at the time of purchase.

Why can’t I see my staff wine allowance balance? 

Your current staff wine allowance balance can be viewed in your ‘Dashboard’ under ‘Staff Allowance’ or via your monthly Accolade Wines Statement emailed to you.

If there are insufficient funds to cover the order, the ‘Staff Allowance’ payment option will not be visible during checkout process.

Please choose another payment option such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal to finalise your purchase.


How do I earn Cellar Points? 

There are 2 ways. First, you earn Cellar Points on every purchase you make. Depending on which Rewards Tier you are in you will earn a different amount of Cellar Points per dollar spent. Second, irrespective of your Rewards Tier, you will earn 20,000 Cellar Points for every new member you invite when they make their first purchase

How do I apply my Cellar Points? 

On the checkout page on the right hand side you will see a slider which shows your Cellar Points balance. By pulling the slider to the right you will see it applies Cellar Points to your order. The further to the right you pull the slider the more the points that are applied. You can select exactly how many points you wish to apply to a particular order

My order total was less than the Cellar Points I applied.Where are the rest of my points gone?

The extra points you redeemed on checkout have been converted into a Gift Card which you can use on future orders at checkout. You just need to enter in the Gift Card number in the field on the checkout. Your Gift Card number is XXXX and you still have ZZZZ remaining on that Gift Card

How do I move up a tier?

You move up to the next tier when the Points you have earned in that calendar year reach the minimum threshold for that tier. Once you reach that higher tier, that tier is the tier you will remain in for the current and the next calendar year, except if you earn sufficient points to push you up to the next tier

Do my points expire?

Yes all your points will expire if there is no earning activity on your account in a 12 month period